Saturday, May 30

random post

I suddenly miss my primary environment.
with hundreds of buildings. little gardens. teachers who actually give a damn(too much in fact). music lessons. a humongous library. clean field. stuffy trees outside my class. the uniforms. boy-girl seating plan(actually since the age of 11,not missin it so much xp).carefree days.great events.playfulness. court. the oh-so-ma-fan exit gates(thr were 3 for gods sake). and those happy memories.

was dying to leave there then, dying to go back now.
Don't get me wrong, secondary rocks, but it would be nice to go back to the past for a
happy happy days =)
oh! i miss the blackboards! i love to conteng ma....xp


Thursday, May 28

exams over


yeah yeah yeah...she aims...she shoots...she....misses?
well...after 6 grueling book-on-mind-and-nothing-else days, the mid-terms are finally time. =)

anyway, today's like the first day after exams, and our
lovely(notice the sarcasm) BM teacher handed us back our pemahaman offense to her, love her teaching. but seriously. 14???
i got 14 freakin questions wrong! although the first 7 ques were
ALL wrong, it looked cute. xp( c, exams drive me nuts...) 1st result and it sucked...though the whole classed kinda sucked i'm good =) and moral...english still okok la...i heard my sej got highest though.heard only la no proof yet. i was like ok.slap like a chicken and girl who has never gotten an A for hist.shut up. though haven't gotten it yet ain't that high yet.but a girl can dream rite?

Got the bahan for our next debate alredi,how to enjoy my hols..?
Always us girls doin the 'backstage' guys~man sikit la, why all me n lim gao dim one.
tsk tsk.Funny incident. we(the hardworking girls) were looking for the guys to split the books.this was what happened.

1.saw Mikhail
2.shouted and waved.
3.he waved back.
4.he saw the books.
5.he ran away.seriously.
6.we were laughing and frustrated.heavy ma the books..
7.out of no whr, saw Seen Nung.
8.repeated everything we did to Mikhail.
9.guess what? he.ran.away.too.
10.Nat chased aft Mikh, me and Lim hunted Seen Nung.
11.success. target.Bertie.
13.climbed stairs and sweating.alot.
14.found him
15.he looked bored and sick of the books
16.after searching high and low for him.....
17. he said "put in the class la" wht the hell....==
18.went back lo..what to do? girls all poor thing one la, fact of life.haha...

holidays...the word is like a drug.who doesn't love it?
whoever doesn't should go to jail...haha
seriously.its against the law to hate holidays. xp
kris allen...american idol 8 winner. yay . Adam still rocks tho =)