Monday, January 11

Saturday, January 2

Of New Year

which means 10 years left for the government to reach the so called '2020 dream'.

Anyway, school starts in less than 36 hours. omfg. Everthing's gonna be so ....NEW. Not the people but you know la, F4-stress-school-will-die-soon-help-eeeeeeep mood. so, ugh.

The p8 party was amazing, props to Natasha and the p8 gang for making this new year's celebration one hell of a Afro-tastic one ;D
Kinda makes me tempted to help organize other events too, i mean c'mon with that nice-assed(yes you Nat =) gullible one, whats not fun?!?

I'm kinda worried bout the streaming of classes.
what if i'm separated from my friends? no effing way man. Thats so bad if it happens, so according to the law of attraction, I WILL BE IN THE SAME CLASS WITH MY FRIENDS, YES I WILL, YES WE CAN!!! quote Mr.Obama :p

And...and...and, hrm. well new year. yes i am repeating myself. SO, NEW year. still in repetitive mode.

Oh yeah. That night at Ivan's party, guess what? i was HUNTED. no exaggeration people, a woman was HUNTING me! J's mum crashed a party to search me(no not THAT search you pervs! =p).
scary much?
Well, for perasan reasons i can't really explain, she wanted to interrogate me, and confirm that i was not
swapping spit in love with J. omg, auntie, NO. why would i?!? where the hell would you get that image?!? *shivers*
(no offense to J, he is a seriously awesome smartishly genius-ing prodigy-er and pal)
Haha..what a story to tell people in years time.
"hey! did you hear, i was hunted down by a woman bcs she thought i loved her son!"
THATS a story =)

Anyway, have a family BBQ soon.
awshucks, i'm gonna smell like smoked beef and chicken. And sweat like a really jelly pig
(note: Jelly is just a random word..ahaha)


Happy 2010!