Sunday, March 29

Hey y'all,
guess what?I'm not blind!
not literally la...just stating that i FINALLY got my monthly contacts =)
Thank god i don't need to wear my specs anymore...makes me look like an accountant (according to my couz -.-)

Funny stuff to share,
last wed during the last paper(seni) , our class amazingly finished in like...20min tops
Nothing to do with the fact that we're A class but cause we all tembak-ed... *mischievous grin*
tell you a secret *whispers* Rishalan & Qhabylen that gang were cheating...=)
the cheating part wasn't bad it was the WAY they cheated ! it was sooooo obvious! time when you cheat right, professional sikit la..
me and Alyson were at d corner giggling like idiots at their signals...
Qhabylen actually did the 'finger touch nose' move....aiyo~ original sikit la puh-leese haha...

Then on that same afternoon, poh kien came to my house to 'release tension n stress'
We did really important and hard stuff you know....we...we....LEPAK-ED!
The fun part was when it started raining...guess what us 2 morons did..
we opened an English dic and started searching for cool words, we found a perfect word =)(secret...hehehe)
though my second fav word was savoury...n she called me weird... -_-"

btw...debate comp is in 2 day..or a day and 71/2 hours....xp
anyway....wish us luck!


Friday, March 20

i'm a saint !

I'm a saint..! =)
not really la...just a way of saying

You see, that day me n d fam all went to prayers( qing ming)...
and it was so freaking hot, i swear that even if you went naked, you'd still be hot..
So we did our prayers, and there's a part where you go to the incinerator to burn stuff right, like fake cash and stuff ( the modernized way la)
so my dad n uncles were throwing stuff to burn when we heard like little cries...
it was so scary, we all thought there was like a spirit or something!
Then my "smart" brother peeped under the incinerator, guess what???
There were 3 puppies under there!
my dad took an umbrella( harsh right) to get them out, so me n my couz sis were like nurses running arnd getting food box n stuff...
omg...they were so cute! all new borns btw, but i forgot to take a pic...(regret)
and a lil girl was like " where's the mummy dog?"
And i mumbled like " on holiday".... seriously, wth was d mamma dog??
so...we fed d puppies, finished our prayers and left...
i kinda considered sneaking one of em into my bag, but takut later kena marah so...
wise choice i didn't =)

And exams...still 'studying' and failing miserably to do so...
My mind just keeps wandering off whenever i have a book in my hands... gosh...studying is so freaking hard!
Still have like 20 chaps of stuff to read...and only 3 days left..
WTH am i doing blogging now?!?!


Saturday, March 14

Makeup time...damn

hey lo !
so update time...lately...i have....
1) join da school debate team
2) gotten 2 new incredible (yet intimidating) sifu(s)
3) made a deal with my dearest daddy to get WHATEVER i want if i get at least 7A's *yes!*
4) gone overboard with curiosity lately
5)having hell week soon a.k.a exam...*dramatic music*

well, obviously lots have happened an as usual i was too lazy to blog bout it...
so i'll tell you whats been the most interesting so far...
joining the school debate team! But trust me, staying back almost everyday IS worst than it sounds...
But i'm lucky enough to have a great gang of debaters to hang with...
we won the 2nd round of zone level btw, go PBP! (its not a petrol station yea...) oh, i've been real positive lately, like REALLY hyper!
i have no freaking idea why, but it beats being gloomy and negative all d time like i used to be.
i've been 'see open already' translate to cantonese la,haha.... trying not to let little things get in my way.
After all... + = (: (positive equals happiness)
And guess what? i've been learning hokkien from my friends, gonna blow away everyone whn i turn into a multi-lingual gal =)

sate...haha what an INTERESTING word xp
okok chen....i'm updating d la...haha