Thursday, October 29

Update...i think?

Well, it would amaze you that no matter how free a person can be? They.Are.Still.Lazy.
But i think that's only me =)

So summary of my
1) skip school way more than I attend
2) Wonder how from 600 only <60+- F3 students go to school
3) Dreamin of alotta fun stuff to do...but end up lazy-ing out anyway
4) Wanna update but again,lazy
5) Strum my guitar till it hates me...thought doubtful =)
(i mean hey, musician and they're instruments are life partners, no?)
6)Played blackjack with Uno sad right?
(btw...who knew being an amateur could cash you back so much?!?! )
7)Practically dragged anyone who could drive to bring me out.
(Yes couzy, get over here with your Proton now. xp)
8)Bought a new book(s)
a very interesting book indeed =)

Ivan has even been begging for the return of Pmr.That dude is seriously sick!
Like an invitation to Satan's front door =(
One bad thing about being a if you only stay home and be lazy. You're kinda
a)fresh out of post ideas
b)lazy to post
c)both of the above

My Tv-top is overflowing with new DvDs (pirated...shhh...!)
To count...i have watched...more or less 10 movies this week,excluding HBO..Could probably be a movie critic by 16 =)
I have no plans whatsoever for the time being...except wait for my aunt to pop out a baby.literally.
Lil currently-no-name-yet-or-maybe-i-just-don't-know will be out in Dec, i can't wait!
i love babies,puppies,kittens...or whatever that weights less than me =)
Anyway...squished out too much brain juice already...gonna go refill
(i have no idea what that meant but it sounded really retarded...)

Definition of Lazy
1. Resistant to work or exertion; disposed to idleness.
2. Slow-moving; sluggish
3. Conducive to idleness or indolence
4. Depicted as reclining or lying on its side. Used of a brand on livestock.


Sunday, October 18

of kick @ss parties

it was a night alright. boy was it a night =)

started out slow, then people started to pour in and hence the party began!
When i reached it was all the Foosball table, with miss Nat as the ever so loud and crazy reigned as winner against miss Sofea xp and Mikhail won over the supremes though =)
unfortunately lost the next round...hehheh..paiseh
That fellow promised a victory round later that night, quote: the night is still young.
yeah right! we didn't get that rematch....oh well =(

A girl lost her phone.poor thing. she left it on a table...
Was like a search party, everyone was helping out...i was kinda too engrossed in a conversation with Ivan,heh heh...sorry!
To a point, we had a spot check.
yes. a spot check at a party.
you just learn more and more everyday don't you?
Saw lotsa old friends from last year. all still the same fun people they used to be!
oh oh oh! a piano 'battle' was on. haha...maestros were hogging the piano the whole night
uncle ivy!!!!

everybody dance now!


Saturday, October 17


chocolate and banana presents to you....Choconana/Banalate!!!! retarded haha...actually baked ...again

original designs/wrecked cupcakes by miss-manda =)

yes.drool.drool! i dare you. muahaha~
see, even my mom can't resist! notice the 'manually' added banana ==

i kinda turned my kitchen around...chocolate was everywhere, thank god banana wasn't!
if not nanti i go Bananas pula xp

recipe for miss-manda's choconana cupcakes
- a kitchen
- a hot square thingy with lights
- a tray with many holes
- any shit coloured food(chocolate)
- 5 long yellow tubey things (banana)
- a spoonish spoon to stir or beat or flip or whatever =)
- some almost transparent paper that can make oil vanish
- and...other stuff(figure it out..haha..)

- mix
- put in square thing
- bake it
- wait
- wait
- wait
- eat......WAIT!
- decorate first =)
- then only greedy not!

there you go! easy isn't it?
credits: miss-manda [world renown baker].......(my world xp)

Eating makes you fat.But it makes you happy!


Friday, October 16

Holiday a.k.a fun+boring

The conspicuous equation of the 21st century
Holiday+Total Free Time =
1st few days- Awesome.

2nd part of it- Fun.
3rd part of it- nuetral.
4th part of it- boring.
5th part of it- Hell-iday.

By years of research and experience, i can conclude that 160% of the population agree with that of the equation on top (trying to speak like a 78 year old genius)

okok,back to the main picture. which i'm pretty sure that further explanation isn't needed =)
Right now, i am already bored. Amazing how you can burn off your post-pmr energy in 1 day.
Am so pumped for partying right now, shopping, dancing on the table of a restaurant!...ok maybe not the last one...but hey! A quiz on facebook apparently predicted that i would get kicked out of McDonalds for paying people to jump off the roof. lmao. that is so profitable wei, although i might go to hell...heh heh... it feels like all 15 year olds in M'sia is currently in i-am-useless-find-me-not-unless-for-partying mode, which is both wickedly cool and spookingly scary. Imagine every 17 yr old after Spm...*shivers*
Have an urge to swim at the Kuantan beach all of a sudden...haiz..Ying Yi, next time pack me along in your suitcase =(
Oh yeah! one thing i can't figure out..if Raya is over, why do people still call it Raya Open House until now? I am a wee bit confused's like saying 'Merry Christmas' on New Year's Eve eh? Btw, HAPPY DEEPAVALI to all my indian friends!
Random fact: Bollywood dances are soooo tidy! No mirrors no nothing yet they dance as if marching with crazy moves and awesome punjabi-ish music...ahaha...could i do that? yeah....didn't think so xp

Behold! Sony Vaio The 1st computer that fits your palm! so actually it's a

Failure to Dominate Dominos!

that beautiful leg is mine! haha...

vous m'incitez à sourire =)


Wednesday, October 14

PMR is gone..!

*Poof *
yea baby,!
Pmr is finally over, after 5 grueling days
I am FREE!!!
So, first thing i did after pmr? had a date with my TV.
It was awesome =)
And i just realized how refreshing the colour green is, isn't it??
i'm so freakin relieved that the exam that i went through 3 years for is..over!
O.M.G .You can't see me. pmr is over finally.

Free to be free in the world of freedom with total and complete free time!