Sunday, November 29

Of being stuck

I'm stuck.
At my grandma's.
With a dog to keep me company.
This is so sad!

Parents went for a trip, guess they had the idea that dumping me at my grandmother's was a good idea. They kinda left out the part where i would be BORED. I don't even have the enthusiasm to colour this post. So sad. Haiz....just updating for the sake of it XP

will be back yáll!


Wednesday, November 18

Of Nostalgia

I feel
Super duper extremely amazingly
surprisingly fascinatingly sadly joyously

missing the memories...
reminiscing the wondrous past...


Friday, November 13

The Post After 15 days

So yes. You might wonder what could possibly keep me from posting,
considering the endless amount of free time on my hands. i really need to say it again? yes? no? yes?
stop pushing me.

i am lazy.

There. happy? happy? stop interrogating! Gosh!

Have done nothing for the past few days except watch the WHOLE second season of Gossip Girl i borrowed from my friend.
I'm kinda Gossip Girl-ed now.haha =)

Lol...i'm kidding kidding =)

Actually i have nothing to write about =(

It's the last day of school...which i did not attend btw. sad right?

let's just post pics =)
My DIY french manicure...teeheeeeeeeeeeeeee

My favourite Japanese food eva!!!! Unagi Don =)

Is this called Maci? i forgot....anyway...deosn't it make you drool?!?!?

You know you love me,
Gossip Girl

(told you i'm gossip girl-ed xp)