Sunday, September 27

Of cravings...

sushi. Ice-cream. Final destination 4. new pair of shoes. Storybooks. A magic wand. Meet Chase Crawford. Not get distracted while studying. Slapping someone. Whacking someone. Playing with calculator. Watch Friends. Last year's F5 gang. New songs. Change bed sheet (preferably light blue). My old science tuition teacher. G-Force. a toy poodle puppy. Straight A's. Watch my mom make-up. Try on my sports shoes. Read a dictionary. Find out what 'ennui' means.Find out what 'extemporaneous' means. Find out if 'crap' is even a word. Cut my hair. Grow my hair. Cut again. Take out braces. put them back. Out again. Tear away from the computer. fail doing it.

This is definitely not what normal people crave.
posting bout it makes me 10 times more insane.

crave of craving is just crave-a-licious =)


Friday, September 25

Mua Papa Birthday!

yay yay it's daddy's birthday! (yes it's not mine but if it weren't for him i wouldn't be here mind you. so in a way, it kinda-sorta-should be mine too xp)
Anyway, he's turning old...muahaha which means?
manipulation should be easier.....i hope? teehee~

Me being the 'good girl' i am ( so overrated..haha...yeah right) made daddy a gift!

well, kinda bought+made but....same?*scratching head*

i made him a....cheng cheng cheng...notebook!
yep. a notebook. so stupid right? can buy outside =)
custom made ma, got his initials...impossible to find.impossible i tell you! cheh wah..haha... Have to admit as nice as i expected xp
The handiwork cacat-ed abit, got alotta glue fail.

Still it's the thought that counts right?
moi's creation!! haha! oops..getting high d...xp

studies are still sucking to the wait. the max of the max's max.
in other words?
sucks to the super-duper-amazing-incredulous-humongous-giant-maximum!

running out of stuff to type..

aw shucks...pmr is in....*counting*

11 days

dang it....oh well.

drama+life= havoc


Saturday, September 19


MB, its you.those 2 posts are soooooo about you.

it is confirmed that my theory was right!
1) people are selfish
My bro didn't wanna share his ice-cream with me

2)no peace is right
realized haters are everywhere! I found 2 blogs with anti-peoples, both are super mean *shivers* i hate haters, don't you? ok, except my last post la k, cause it was really the last straw for me.i mean c'mon, we were so close back then, if she betrayed you, wouldn't you do the same?

3)gossip is everywhere
whoooooo baby, just got a phone call. apparently someone out there is really being trashed! I'm no better listening to it but hey i don't spread ok. well...most of the time? xp form2's are so pitiful la...

4) drama is my middle name
that girl i posted about? her initials are MB. so you can stop all speculations, cause i only know one MB. and thats her.'s nice to be right about the wrong, no?
And i'm gonna stop stabbing MB, i think 2 posts bout her is enough..
YES. MB. you can confirm it's about you.


Friday, September 18

The World And The Way It Destroys

I've noticed, there isn't a soul on earth who will spare.
One way or another, someone's gonna get hurt in the process,whether they like it or not.
Like my last post for instance, i used to love her but people change.
She didn't use to be bitchy, i didn't use to be so mean.
In the process of turning to a princess, she hurt me along the way, makin stupid assumptions.
Me? In the process of getting hurt, i turn mean, type stuff and hurt her.

So, in a way everyone is selfish, no?

Oh pooh, don't tell me there are those who are real nice.
Cause even the most thoughtful person is selfish. don't believe me?
If a person was to be selfless, it would make them selfish too. how?
They turn selfish towards themselves.
To break it down? They are selfish cause they only want to make people happy, no matter how hurt they get.
No one said being selfish was necessarily a bad thing, but since we live in such a selfish world, obviously the bad outweighs the good. alot.

Peace and harmony. no doubt its possible.
but don't forget the fine print: Terms and Conditions=hatred and hurt included.
We could always say good things but never meaning it. Look in the mirror. I believe NO ONE is THAT innocent!
Don't tell me little white lies don't exist.
Or whatever bull that comes with it.
Cause as sweet as that smile is?There's no saying whats behind that devious fake smile.

Gossip and rumours.
Don't get me started.
Is it really that interesting to talk bad about people? Talkin bad is one, but Spreading it??
As you know high school, rumours spread like wildfire. So, in a way? Someone's reputation is either gettin realllllllly good or realllllllly crushed. I side the 2nd.
Along the way, esteem is hancur-ed, friendships are broken, relationships die, negativity takes over.
Is it really that amusing to destroy someone's life? Just by making up a story?
Quote a close friend : stay out of politics and you'll be safe.
now i get what he meant!
It's all a chain reaction, it never stops.
I for one have first-hand experience, that's what made me who i am today.
I salute those who don't care bout haters and gossipers
cause life is so much better when you close that eye & ear.
People can say whatever they want, you can nv control it.
But you can control your thoughts, you control your happiness.

Drama and I? we got a love-hate realtionship.

I hate loving drama

Wednesday, September 16

Of The Randomness of life...


down to business.
PMR in....19 days.

preparation is on its way =)
in other terms: i have done nothing but lepak and force myself to miserably fail studying. ah...isn't life just peachy?
I'm constantly wondering whether i should be wondering about wondering.yes. i am that freakingly complicated.
wondering about what you ask? about....stuff xp
So hoping to get PMR over with, throw my books in the air...and run out to the open field and scream while feeling the rush of breeze pass my face...*yes, i have been watching way to much tv =)

and sometimes i really wonder, is moving on a good thing?
i mean with people,after a period of time people leave you and you meet new ones. is it good?or just plain bad?
cause they always say you evolve in life, as it does socially...but..gosh...
such a metamorphosis is just confusing and tougher than it sounds!
Everyday we're diff from before..whether we know it or not. isn't that scary?!?!
There are some people who i can't live without; some i wish will never leave ; and some i just can't wait to get rid of.
so....conclusion. isn't life just peachy??

saw these birdies at a petshop...
aren't these lovebirds sweet? awh...if only...teehee~