Sunday, August 30

wonderful =)

so true.
okok...i'll stop the crap....i just watched the most irritating/touching movie so far in the past 15 years i've been watching movies..!
funny enough? its a cartoon...heh heh...
indescribably cute.
got it? yes? no?......UP!!!!
it was soooo touching =)
The beginning already caught my heart. It was sooo sweet how two people could fall so deeply for each other.
and the amazing graphic effects+cute characters+3D effects just made it AWESOME.
Tears came out like, every 20 mins!( okok...over exaggerating, only at the touching parts..which is kinda like every 20 mins?!?)
I LOVED the coulourful! ah!

Irritating part? the 3D glasses. ugh...they designed it for those american ppl(i think?) whose nose are extremely large, compared to ours la...which made it so freakin hard to stay on! it kept slipping down my the seat was too straight! i mean, we looked up while sitting so straigth for like an hour+.....down right agony..

anyway, reveiw: LOVED IT.

p.s: school starts in...26 hours. no....!!!!!!!! haiz...


Monday, August 24

pro customizaaa...!

i am officially a pro-customiser xp All thanks to...*drum rolls* ms.Lim Ying Yi
I can finally stop searching for blog layouts and try to make my own, do you have any idea how sickening it is to sit in front of the computer for hours just to find the perfect skin? it is
I love the header pic tho, dad taught me how to do it, who knew photo editing was so fun? haha...
Now i know that turning an ugly ugly 'thing' stunningly gorgeous is a piece of cake...
pftt...(so perasan la..haha)

went out that day, my bro looks like some kinda evil surgeon trying to dissect something. imagine this look with an evil laugh..*shivers*

studying drives ppl nuts, solid proof =)

pretending to study everyday is soooo boring... i mean, if pretending is boring, then isn't REALLY studying MORE boring?!?! Why can't we just burn books and make tea with them like all the ppl ask us to? my mom teased me and said: " tell you what, go burn your hist book, and brew it, eat it. by the time you poop it out, you'd score an A". how i wish.... You know what? this is more of a rant than a post...but hey like my new 'slogan' life's like an open book. what's a book without a few(yea right) complaints about life right? heh heh...
i pity those people who think they've got it all, honestly? if you're so satisfied with your life already, die.
Really la, save more space for other people to live what...haha....but seriously though...die. is sweet =)

xoxo, Manda

Friday, August 21

Of spuriousness...

(do not ask why that introduction was so corny, it just WAS)

so. my new layout. isn't it?
Anyway my trials sucked like hell...but i have faith i can score in the real thing, you gotta believe in yourself right?
Its not like i'm lying around like a dead pig, i am kinda-sorta-lil-maybe-can count as studying?? heh heh...== At least i'm trying k, better that that stupid uncle-Ng, everyday only 'chooo' here 'chooo' there also can get top 2. damn uncle, i hate your brain, or do i love it ah? Even the guy beside him is some kind of genius! that fellow scored 100% for maths, holy that even humanly possible?!?!? maybe i'm just jealous....or....maybe i just have the urge to scoop out their brain wash it clean and empty and put it back*smiles sweetly* and make them stupid once again...HAH!

AH1N1...or as my cousin calls it..the ahini disease. The more you say it the cuter it sounds =)
God, of course not the disease la, i meant the 'ahini' name.
I kinda get this strong vibe that mother nature is forbidding us to eat chicken, pork...and soon beef? soon there might be a disease call cB1N1(just saying ok...expect the unexpected people )
And the stupid school is filled with viruses...ugh....everyone is wearing masks, now it looks like some sanctuary for unsuccessful doctors! I even played along by lifting both hands up going around telling people i just finished an operation...which is kinda true mind you..if you consider taking exams dissecting your own brain that is heheh...=)

Btw, don't you think the world is full of shallow minded people? I mean being skeptical is so last season, come on, the 21st century practically means 'think outside the box' right?
No way would the iphone be out if people were still so damn CLOSE-MINDED.
Hate the way those people think, go by the book so much that they practically...have no sense whatsoever,all that spuriousness! Mom says these people will become the blind, who will end up leading the blind as well. A clear line has been drawn between open and close minded people, don't think they will ever change sides. i for one, have chose mine, so deal with it =)
hey, + = (: ( positity = happiness)


Monday, August 17

A Special Someone

This post is dedicated to a special someone,

This person is so influential, making people feel things they almost never feel.
She made me understand betrayal.
She showed me what bitchiness meant.
She showed me how it was possible to not care about people's feelings.
she made me learn the word 'slut'.
She showed me the no-limit of being thick skinned.
She has no life.
She is the queen of gossip and rumours.
She is a self-proclaimed princess.
She is one of a kind. which i personally think the world can do without.
Honestly? i have nothing good to say about this person, hating her guts is just an understatement.
Oh miss princess. find something better to do.
Don't you feel ashamed?
Yes.You.You know who you are.
You made my life a living hell 6 months back.
So, 6 months later after your first claim of knowing me
And spreading ridiculous rumours
I'm here to voice out my opinion of you, you 45869473864 faced bitch.
I'm invincible now my dear.
I don't care =)
Sleep tight deary, cause you'll be sleeping alone for the rest of your life.
can't believe i called you a friend.
THANK GOD all those years are gone now. is sweet.


Friday, August 7

so what? pmr is coming...
Have a foreign exchange student!
so what? nothing to do with me...
Gained one pound!
shit, you are fat...
Am i love with history!
you psycho...
Want a new phone!
dream on....

sheesh...these are the thoughts i debate in my head. aint it sad? its like a monologue in my own being.
if that isn't a sign of mental disorder, would like to know what is!
well....trials are over! so what?pmr...pmr...pmr...damn those thoughts
Birthday had passed a very slow yet satisfying pace..good or bad? dunno...
um...Victoria. Student. Germany. get my drift....i hope xp

oh yes~speaking of Germany....., i've got nothing. wanted to make something random up, but exams have officially corroded my brain... =(
Am looking forward to the release
yes..sleeping! the sweet sound of that soothing so peaceful...

anyway, the worse is yet to come...muahaha...
*attention: seeking for mental help

overall, just a random boring update of nothing. teehee!
love David Choi---listen on youtube ppl!