Saturday, February 13

Of CNY and OMGs...

HELLO world!!!!
and to you~ XP
It's CNY and omg...i'm psyched + not psyched.... see, i never cease to amaze leh =)

First off...the hols sorta suck cause of the amount of homework those teachers love giving!

Okay. now lets get interesting.

I wanna tell someone that when it's not your business shut the f*** up! i mean, c'mon why the hell do you have to interfere and make up those bloody stuff AGAIN? Just when i start to let it be, you have to go make another fun ( for you i guess) story to tell. OMG, you are so childishly shallow. I'm pretty sure my friends know who that person is. Ahahaha 10 out of 10 gave the same answer when asked if they fancied her....the funny part was because people asked me!

I'm starting to love my class more and more everyday, and the fun thing is that A and B class are like one big family! =)
My classmates are so friendly, so cooperative, and the guys are so hyper!!!
Speaking of guys, one pissed Pn.Adamillah off BIG TIME that day. She. Went. Psycho.
Literally! She was yelling flailing screaming blinking fast throwing books. omg, i know it was rude, but everyone laughed! Because she was sooooo overreacting. Someone said she took wrong medication that morn, i pitied her but at the same time couldn't believe how psychotic she turned out to be that day!
She was SQUEALING! (casue you can't actually say that she doesn't sound like it)

hrm...what else? maybe i'll update more often ......LATER =)

LEO rocks!
Happy Chinese New Year World!!!