Sunday, November 29

Of being stuck

I'm stuck.
At my grandma's.
With a dog to keep me company.
This is so sad!

Parents went for a trip, guess they had the idea that dumping me at my grandmother's was a good idea. They kinda left out the part where i would be BORED. I don't even have the enthusiasm to colour this post. So sad. Haiz....just updating for the sake of it XP

will be back yáll!


Wednesday, November 18

Of Nostalgia

I feel
Super duper extremely amazingly
surprisingly fascinatingly sadly joyously

missing the memories...
reminiscing the wondrous past...


Friday, November 13

The Post After 15 days

So yes. You might wonder what could possibly keep me from posting,
considering the endless amount of free time on my hands. i really need to say it again? yes? no? yes?
stop pushing me.

i am lazy.

There. happy? happy? stop interrogating! Gosh!

Have done nothing for the past few days except watch the WHOLE second season of Gossip Girl i borrowed from my friend.
I'm kinda Gossip Girl-ed now.haha =)

Lol...i'm kidding kidding =)

Actually i have nothing to write about =(

It's the last day of school...which i did not attend btw. sad right?

let's just post pics =)
My DIY french manicure...teeheeeeeeeeeeeeee

My favourite Japanese food eva!!!! Unagi Don =)

Is this called Maci? i forgot....anyway...deosn't it make you drool?!?!?

You know you love me,
Gossip Girl

(told you i'm gossip girl-ed xp)


Thursday, October 29

Update...i think?

Well, it would amaze you that no matter how free a person can be? They.Are.Still.Lazy.
But i think that's only me =)

So summary of my
1) skip school way more than I attend
2) Wonder how from 600 only <60+- F3 students go to school
3) Dreamin of alotta fun stuff to do...but end up lazy-ing out anyway
4) Wanna update but again,lazy
5) Strum my guitar till it hates me...thought doubtful =)
(i mean hey, musician and they're instruments are life partners, no?)
6)Played blackjack with Uno sad right?
(btw...who knew being an amateur could cash you back so much?!?! )
7)Practically dragged anyone who could drive to bring me out.
(Yes couzy, get over here with your Proton now. xp)
8)Bought a new book(s)
a very interesting book indeed =)

Ivan has even been begging for the return of Pmr.That dude is seriously sick!
Like an invitation to Satan's front door =(
One bad thing about being a if you only stay home and be lazy. You're kinda
a)fresh out of post ideas
b)lazy to post
c)both of the above

My Tv-top is overflowing with new DvDs (pirated...shhh...!)
To count...i have watched...more or less 10 movies this week,excluding HBO..Could probably be a movie critic by 16 =)
I have no plans whatsoever for the time being...except wait for my aunt to pop out a baby.literally.
Lil currently-no-name-yet-or-maybe-i-just-don't-know will be out in Dec, i can't wait!
i love babies,puppies,kittens...or whatever that weights less than me =)
Anyway...squished out too much brain juice already...gonna go refill
(i have no idea what that meant but it sounded really retarded...)

Definition of Lazy
1. Resistant to work or exertion; disposed to idleness.
2. Slow-moving; sluggish
3. Conducive to idleness or indolence
4. Depicted as reclining or lying on its side. Used of a brand on livestock.


Sunday, October 18

of kick @ss parties

it was a night alright. boy was it a night =)

started out slow, then people started to pour in and hence the party began!
When i reached it was all the Foosball table, with miss Nat as the ever so loud and crazy reigned as winner against miss Sofea xp and Mikhail won over the supremes though =)
unfortunately lost the next round...hehheh..paiseh
That fellow promised a victory round later that night, quote: the night is still young.
yeah right! we didn't get that rematch....oh well =(

A girl lost her phone.poor thing. she left it on a table...
Was like a search party, everyone was helping out...i was kinda too engrossed in a conversation with Ivan,heh heh...sorry!
To a point, we had a spot check.
yes. a spot check at a party.
you just learn more and more everyday don't you?
Saw lotsa old friends from last year. all still the same fun people they used to be!
oh oh oh! a piano 'battle' was on. haha...maestros were hogging the piano the whole night
uncle ivy!!!!

everybody dance now!


Saturday, October 17


chocolate and banana presents to you....Choconana/Banalate!!!! retarded haha...actually baked ...again

original designs/wrecked cupcakes by miss-manda =)

yes.drool.drool! i dare you. muahaha~
see, even my mom can't resist! notice the 'manually' added banana ==

i kinda turned my kitchen around...chocolate was everywhere, thank god banana wasn't!
if not nanti i go Bananas pula xp

recipe for miss-manda's choconana cupcakes
- a kitchen
- a hot square thingy with lights
- a tray with many holes
- any shit coloured food(chocolate)
- 5 long yellow tubey things (banana)
- a spoonish spoon to stir or beat or flip or whatever =)
- some almost transparent paper that can make oil vanish
- and...other stuff(figure it out..haha..)

- mix
- put in square thing
- bake it
- wait
- wait
- wait
- eat......WAIT!
- decorate first =)
- then only greedy not!

there you go! easy isn't it?
credits: miss-manda [world renown baker].......(my world xp)

Eating makes you fat.But it makes you happy!


Friday, October 16

Holiday a.k.a fun+boring

The conspicuous equation of the 21st century
Holiday+Total Free Time =
1st few days- Awesome.

2nd part of it- Fun.
3rd part of it- nuetral.
4th part of it- boring.
5th part of it- Hell-iday.

By years of research and experience, i can conclude that 160% of the population agree with that of the equation on top (trying to speak like a 78 year old genius)

okok,back to the main picture. which i'm pretty sure that further explanation isn't needed =)
Right now, i am already bored. Amazing how you can burn off your post-pmr energy in 1 day.
Am so pumped for partying right now, shopping, dancing on the table of a restaurant!...ok maybe not the last one...but hey! A quiz on facebook apparently predicted that i would get kicked out of McDonalds for paying people to jump off the roof. lmao. that is so profitable wei, although i might go to hell...heh heh... it feels like all 15 year olds in M'sia is currently in i-am-useless-find-me-not-unless-for-partying mode, which is both wickedly cool and spookingly scary. Imagine every 17 yr old after Spm...*shivers*
Have an urge to swim at the Kuantan beach all of a sudden...haiz..Ying Yi, next time pack me along in your suitcase =(
Oh yeah! one thing i can't figure out..if Raya is over, why do people still call it Raya Open House until now? I am a wee bit confused's like saying 'Merry Christmas' on New Year's Eve eh? Btw, HAPPY DEEPAVALI to all my indian friends!
Random fact: Bollywood dances are soooo tidy! No mirrors no nothing yet they dance as if marching with crazy moves and awesome punjabi-ish music...ahaha...could i do that? yeah....didn't think so xp

Behold! Sony Vaio The 1st computer that fits your palm! so actually it's a

Failure to Dominate Dominos!

that beautiful leg is mine! haha...

vous m'incitez à sourire =)


Wednesday, October 14

PMR is gone..!

*Poof *
yea baby,!
Pmr is finally over, after 5 grueling days
I am FREE!!!
So, first thing i did after pmr? had a date with my TV.
It was awesome =)
And i just realized how refreshing the colour green is, isn't it??
i'm so freakin relieved that the exam that i went through 3 years for is..over!
O.M.G .You can't see me. pmr is over finally.

Free to be free in the world of freedom with total and complete free time!



Sunday, September 27

Of cravings...

sushi. Ice-cream. Final destination 4. new pair of shoes. Storybooks. A magic wand. Meet Chase Crawford. Not get distracted while studying. Slapping someone. Whacking someone. Playing with calculator. Watch Friends. Last year's F5 gang. New songs. Change bed sheet (preferably light blue). My old science tuition teacher. G-Force. a toy poodle puppy. Straight A's. Watch my mom make-up. Try on my sports shoes. Read a dictionary. Find out what 'ennui' means.Find out what 'extemporaneous' means. Find out if 'crap' is even a word. Cut my hair. Grow my hair. Cut again. Take out braces. put them back. Out again. Tear away from the computer. fail doing it.

This is definitely not what normal people crave.
posting bout it makes me 10 times more insane.

crave of craving is just crave-a-licious =)


Friday, September 25

Mua Papa Birthday!

yay yay it's daddy's birthday! (yes it's not mine but if it weren't for him i wouldn't be here mind you. so in a way, it kinda-sorta-should be mine too xp)
Anyway, he's turning old...muahaha which means?
manipulation should be easier.....i hope? teehee~

Me being the 'good girl' i am ( so overrated..haha...yeah right) made daddy a gift!

well, kinda bought+made but....same?*scratching head*

i made him a....cheng cheng cheng...notebook!
yep. a notebook. so stupid right? can buy outside =)
custom made ma, got his initials...impossible to find.impossible i tell you! cheh wah..haha... Have to admit as nice as i expected xp
The handiwork cacat-ed abit, got alotta glue fail.

Still it's the thought that counts right?
moi's creation!! haha! oops..getting high d...xp

studies are still sucking to the wait. the max of the max's max.
in other words?
sucks to the super-duper-amazing-incredulous-humongous-giant-maximum!

running out of stuff to type..

aw shucks...pmr is in....*counting*

11 days

dang it....oh well.

drama+life= havoc


Saturday, September 19


MB, its you.those 2 posts are soooooo about you.

it is confirmed that my theory was right!
1) people are selfish
My bro didn't wanna share his ice-cream with me

2)no peace is right
realized haters are everywhere! I found 2 blogs with anti-peoples, both are super mean *shivers* i hate haters, don't you? ok, except my last post la k, cause it was really the last straw for me.i mean c'mon, we were so close back then, if she betrayed you, wouldn't you do the same?

3)gossip is everywhere
whoooooo baby, just got a phone call. apparently someone out there is really being trashed! I'm no better listening to it but hey i don't spread ok. well...most of the time? xp form2's are so pitiful la...

4) drama is my middle name
that girl i posted about? her initials are MB. so you can stop all speculations, cause i only know one MB. and thats her.'s nice to be right about the wrong, no?
And i'm gonna stop stabbing MB, i think 2 posts bout her is enough..
YES. MB. you can confirm it's about you.


Friday, September 18

The World And The Way It Destroys

I've noticed, there isn't a soul on earth who will spare.
One way or another, someone's gonna get hurt in the process,whether they like it or not.
Like my last post for instance, i used to love her but people change.
She didn't use to be bitchy, i didn't use to be so mean.
In the process of turning to a princess, she hurt me along the way, makin stupid assumptions.
Me? In the process of getting hurt, i turn mean, type stuff and hurt her.

So, in a way everyone is selfish, no?

Oh pooh, don't tell me there are those who are real nice.
Cause even the most thoughtful person is selfish. don't believe me?
If a person was to be selfless, it would make them selfish too. how?
They turn selfish towards themselves.
To break it down? They are selfish cause they only want to make people happy, no matter how hurt they get.
No one said being selfish was necessarily a bad thing, but since we live in such a selfish world, obviously the bad outweighs the good. alot.

Peace and harmony. no doubt its possible.
but don't forget the fine print: Terms and Conditions=hatred and hurt included.
We could always say good things but never meaning it. Look in the mirror. I believe NO ONE is THAT innocent!
Don't tell me little white lies don't exist.
Or whatever bull that comes with it.
Cause as sweet as that smile is?There's no saying whats behind that devious fake smile.

Gossip and rumours.
Don't get me started.
Is it really that interesting to talk bad about people? Talkin bad is one, but Spreading it??
As you know high school, rumours spread like wildfire. So, in a way? Someone's reputation is either gettin realllllllly good or realllllllly crushed. I side the 2nd.
Along the way, esteem is hancur-ed, friendships are broken, relationships die, negativity takes over.
Is it really that amusing to destroy someone's life? Just by making up a story?
Quote a close friend : stay out of politics and you'll be safe.
now i get what he meant!
It's all a chain reaction, it never stops.
I for one have first-hand experience, that's what made me who i am today.
I salute those who don't care bout haters and gossipers
cause life is so much better when you close that eye & ear.
People can say whatever they want, you can nv control it.
But you can control your thoughts, you control your happiness.

Drama and I? we got a love-hate realtionship.

I hate loving drama

Wednesday, September 16

Of The Randomness of life...


down to business.
PMR in....19 days.

preparation is on its way =)
in other terms: i have done nothing but lepak and force myself to miserably fail studying. ah...isn't life just peachy?
I'm constantly wondering whether i should be wondering about wondering.yes. i am that freakingly complicated.
wondering about what you ask? about....stuff xp
So hoping to get PMR over with, throw my books in the air...and run out to the open field and scream while feeling the rush of breeze pass my face...*yes, i have been watching way to much tv =)

and sometimes i really wonder, is moving on a good thing?
i mean with people,after a period of time people leave you and you meet new ones. is it good?or just plain bad?
cause they always say you evolve in life, as it does socially...but..gosh...
such a metamorphosis is just confusing and tougher than it sounds!
Everyday we're diff from before..whether we know it or not. isn't that scary?!?!
There are some people who i can't live without; some i wish will never leave ; and some i just can't wait to get rid of.
so....conclusion. isn't life just peachy??

saw these birdies at a petshop...
aren't these lovebirds sweet? awh...if only...teehee~


Sunday, August 30

wonderful =)

so true.
okok...i'll stop the crap....i just watched the most irritating/touching movie so far in the past 15 years i've been watching movies..!
funny enough? its a cartoon...heh heh...
indescribably cute.
got it? yes? no?......UP!!!!
it was soooo touching =)
The beginning already caught my heart. It was sooo sweet how two people could fall so deeply for each other.
and the amazing graphic effects+cute characters+3D effects just made it AWESOME.
Tears came out like, every 20 mins!( okok...over exaggerating, only at the touching parts..which is kinda like every 20 mins?!?)
I LOVED the coulourful! ah!

Irritating part? the 3D glasses. ugh...they designed it for those american ppl(i think?) whose nose are extremely large, compared to ours la...which made it so freakin hard to stay on! it kept slipping down my the seat was too straight! i mean, we looked up while sitting so straigth for like an hour+.....down right agony..

anyway, reveiw: LOVED IT.

p.s: school starts in...26 hours. no....!!!!!!!! haiz...


Monday, August 24

pro customizaaa...!

i am officially a pro-customiser xp All thanks to...*drum rolls* ms.Lim Ying Yi
I can finally stop searching for blog layouts and try to make my own, do you have any idea how sickening it is to sit in front of the computer for hours just to find the perfect skin? it is
I love the header pic tho, dad taught me how to do it, who knew photo editing was so fun? haha...
Now i know that turning an ugly ugly 'thing' stunningly gorgeous is a piece of cake...
pftt...(so perasan la..haha)

went out that day, my bro looks like some kinda evil surgeon trying to dissect something. imagine this look with an evil laugh..*shivers*

studying drives ppl nuts, solid proof =)

pretending to study everyday is soooo boring... i mean, if pretending is boring, then isn't REALLY studying MORE boring?!?! Why can't we just burn books and make tea with them like all the ppl ask us to? my mom teased me and said: " tell you what, go burn your hist book, and brew it, eat it. by the time you poop it out, you'd score an A". how i wish.... You know what? this is more of a rant than a post...but hey like my new 'slogan' life's like an open book. what's a book without a few(yea right) complaints about life right? heh heh...
i pity those people who think they've got it all, honestly? if you're so satisfied with your life already, die.
Really la, save more space for other people to live what...haha....but seriously though...die. is sweet =)

xoxo, Manda

Friday, August 21

Of spuriousness...

(do not ask why that introduction was so corny, it just WAS)

so. my new layout. isn't it?
Anyway my trials sucked like hell...but i have faith i can score in the real thing, you gotta believe in yourself right?
Its not like i'm lying around like a dead pig, i am kinda-sorta-lil-maybe-can count as studying?? heh heh...== At least i'm trying k, better that that stupid uncle-Ng, everyday only 'chooo' here 'chooo' there also can get top 2. damn uncle, i hate your brain, or do i love it ah? Even the guy beside him is some kind of genius! that fellow scored 100% for maths, holy that even humanly possible?!?!? maybe i'm just jealous....or....maybe i just have the urge to scoop out their brain wash it clean and empty and put it back*smiles sweetly* and make them stupid once again...HAH!

AH1N1...or as my cousin calls it..the ahini disease. The more you say it the cuter it sounds =)
God, of course not the disease la, i meant the 'ahini' name.
I kinda get this strong vibe that mother nature is forbidding us to eat chicken, pork...and soon beef? soon there might be a disease call cB1N1(just saying ok...expect the unexpected people )
And the stupid school is filled with viruses...ugh....everyone is wearing masks, now it looks like some sanctuary for unsuccessful doctors! I even played along by lifting both hands up going around telling people i just finished an operation...which is kinda true mind you..if you consider taking exams dissecting your own brain that is heheh...=)

Btw, don't you think the world is full of shallow minded people? I mean being skeptical is so last season, come on, the 21st century practically means 'think outside the box' right?
No way would the iphone be out if people were still so damn CLOSE-MINDED.
Hate the way those people think, go by the book so much that they practically...have no sense whatsoever,all that spuriousness! Mom says these people will become the blind, who will end up leading the blind as well. A clear line has been drawn between open and close minded people, don't think they will ever change sides. i for one, have chose mine, so deal with it =)
hey, + = (: ( positity = happiness)


Monday, August 17

A Special Someone

This post is dedicated to a special someone,

This person is so influential, making people feel things they almost never feel.
She made me understand betrayal.
She showed me what bitchiness meant.
She showed me how it was possible to not care about people's feelings.
she made me learn the word 'slut'.
She showed me the no-limit of being thick skinned.
She has no life.
She is the queen of gossip and rumours.
She is a self-proclaimed princess.
She is one of a kind. which i personally think the world can do without.
Honestly? i have nothing good to say about this person, hating her guts is just an understatement.
Oh miss princess. find something better to do.
Don't you feel ashamed?
Yes.You.You know who you are.
You made my life a living hell 6 months back.
So, 6 months later after your first claim of knowing me
And spreading ridiculous rumours
I'm here to voice out my opinion of you, you 45869473864 faced bitch.
I'm invincible now my dear.
I don't care =)
Sleep tight deary, cause you'll be sleeping alone for the rest of your life.
can't believe i called you a friend.
THANK GOD all those years are gone now. is sweet.


Friday, August 7

so what? pmr is coming...
Have a foreign exchange student!
so what? nothing to do with me...
Gained one pound!
shit, you are fat...
Am i love with history!
you psycho...
Want a new phone!
dream on....

sheesh...these are the thoughts i debate in my head. aint it sad? its like a monologue in my own being.
if that isn't a sign of mental disorder, would like to know what is!
well....trials are over! so what?pmr...pmr...pmr...damn those thoughts
Birthday had passed a very slow yet satisfying pace..good or bad? dunno...
um...Victoria. Student. Germany. get my drift....i hope xp

oh yes~speaking of Germany....., i've got nothing. wanted to make something random up, but exams have officially corroded my brain... =(
Am looking forward to the release
yes..sleeping! the sweet sound of that soothing so peaceful...

anyway, the worse is yet to come...muahaha...
*attention: seeking for mental help

overall, just a random boring update of nothing. teehee!
love David Choi---listen on youtube ppl!


Saturday, May 30

random post

I suddenly miss my primary environment.
with hundreds of buildings. little gardens. teachers who actually give a damn(too much in fact). music lessons. a humongous library. clean field. stuffy trees outside my class. the uniforms. boy-girl seating plan(actually since the age of 11,not missin it so much xp).carefree days.great events.playfulness. court. the oh-so-ma-fan exit gates(thr were 3 for gods sake). and those happy memories.

was dying to leave there then, dying to go back now.
Don't get me wrong, secondary rocks, but it would be nice to go back to the past for a
happy happy days =)
oh! i miss the blackboards! i love to conteng ma....xp


Thursday, May 28

exams over


yeah yeah yeah...she aims...she shoots...she....misses?
well...after 6 grueling book-on-mind-and-nothing-else days, the mid-terms are finally time. =)

anyway, today's like the first day after exams, and our
lovely(notice the sarcasm) BM teacher handed us back our pemahaman offense to her, love her teaching. but seriously. 14???
i got 14 freakin questions wrong! although the first 7 ques were
ALL wrong, it looked cute. xp( c, exams drive me nuts...) 1st result and it sucked...though the whole classed kinda sucked i'm good =) and moral...english still okok la...i heard my sej got highest though.heard only la no proof yet. i was like ok.slap like a chicken and girl who has never gotten an A for hist.shut up. though haven't gotten it yet ain't that high yet.but a girl can dream rite?

Got the bahan for our next debate alredi,how to enjoy my hols..?
Always us girls doin the 'backstage' guys~man sikit la, why all me n lim gao dim one.
tsk tsk.Funny incident. we(the hardworking girls) were looking for the guys to split the books.this was what happened.

1.saw Mikhail
2.shouted and waved.
3.he waved back.
4.he saw the books.
5.he ran away.seriously.
6.we were laughing and frustrated.heavy ma the books..
7.out of no whr, saw Seen Nung.
8.repeated everything we did to Mikhail.
9.guess what? he.ran.away.too.
10.Nat chased aft Mikh, me and Lim hunted Seen Nung.
11.success. target.Bertie.
13.climbed stairs and sweating.alot.
14.found him
15.he looked bored and sick of the books
16.after searching high and low for him.....
17. he said "put in the class la" wht the hell....==
18.went back lo..what to do? girls all poor thing one la, fact of life.haha...

holidays...the word is like a drug.who doesn't love it?
whoever doesn't should go to jail...haha
seriously.its against the law to hate holidays. xp
kris allen...american idol 8 winner. yay . Adam still rocks tho =)


Tuesday, April 28


1.The person who tagged you?
Yu Chen
(and Michelle too actually)

2.Your relationship with him/her is

3.Your 5 impressions of him/her

-tolerable with crap
-down to earth

4.The most memorable thing he/she had done for you
counseling me.. xp
5. The most memorable thing he/she had said to you
i wouldn't call them memorable, but very...inspiring?

6. If he/she become your lover you will
DIE (no offense), i prefer guyz xp

7. If he/she become your lover, things he/she has to improve on
I don't want to even imagine.

8. If he/she become your enemy, you
lalala...don't wanna think of negative stuff!

9. If he/she become your enemy, the reason will be ???

10.The most desired thing you want to do for him/her now
send her a thank you card.

11.Your overall impression of him/her is
Friend worth keeping

12. How you think people around you will feel about you?
a crazy ....*can't thnik of the word right now..* person who worries alot?

13. The characters you love of yourself are
to an extent...quite fun.

14. On the contrary, the characters that you hate about yourself?

15. The most ideal person you want to be is
anyone rich and famous and successful.seriously.anyone.

16. For people who care and love you, say something to them.
luv ya ppl too *peace*

17. Pass this test to 10 persons who you wished to know how they feel about you.

2)Shin Yng
5)Zin Mun
6)Pui San
7)Carr Mun
8)Yu Chen

18.Who is no. 6?
Pui San

19.Is no. 9 a male or female?

20. If no. 7 and no.10 together, is that a good thing?
wouldn't know, never tried.

21.What is no. 2 studying about?
how to answer back~haha...xp

22.When is the last time you had a chat with no. 3?
just this morning.

23.What kid of music band does no. 8 like?
more or less twilight related..

24.Does no. 1 have any siblings
1 bro

25.Will you woo no. 3?
course not, he's too fragile..haha..

26.How about no. 7?

27.Is no. 4 single?
in a way yes.

28.What is the surname of no.5?

29.What is the hobby of no. 10?
i honestly dunno...

30.Does no. 5 and 9 get along well?
not bad

31.Where is no. 2 studying at?

32. Talk something casually about no. 1.
crazy and unpredictable

33.Have you tried developing feelings for no. 6?
no freakin way.

34.Where does no. 9 live at?
same house as me haha...

35. What colour does no.4 like?
no idea..

36. Are no. 5 and 1 best friends?
they don't even know each other

37. Is no. 7 the sexiest person in the world?
sexy, but not THE sexiest xp

38. What is no. 6 doing now?
chatting online with me =)


Sunday, April 26

well....we have ended our drama....
*cheng cheng cheng* all went pretty smoothly...
but i kinda missed a line, and i cut off QS, bad guyz!
thank god no one realized... xp
all in all, we girls did everything, guys did the main acting...and they got the credit! T.T
teacher kept praising them...which was cool...but also damn....*speechless*
Like Yng said...'behind every successful man is a woman'. couldn't agree more hehe...
But we all had lotsa fun acting and doubt bout that =)

but....its REVENGE time *mischevious grin*
heh heh...since the guys got all the credit, lets give them more!
Here's their dance scene rehearsal (we l8r changed the scarf to a purple boa, and QS held a rose in his mouth)


Friday, April 17


my cuppycupcakes~

the most successful batch =)
looks kinda yucky i know...but tastes amazing! (damn perasan rite?)
the unsuccesful batch~ *whispers*its not as cooked as it seems xp
just taking pics 4 the sake of it..

last sunday i was so freakin free that i thot of baking...
the prob was i had 2 recipes to choose from...and guess what?
both oso tak cukup bahan....stupid rite?
*note to self: ALWAYS check ingredients stock*

so~in da end i kinda campur both recipes to form a butter strawberry and meringue cupcake.
sounds so disgusting i knw..but tastes....quite good =)
i kept bragging to my couzin who adored baking...who in d end wanted to challenge me -_-''
sometimes i like to put myself in deep shit~

p.s: some might be wondering why i have no links...cause i'm lazy!(hello, its me we're talking bout here,duh.....). lols...will try to edit em soon. Don worry, I ni blog hunter will still "hunt" ur blogs, 100% =)



Thursday, April 16

drama week

cinderella and prince Fuad lived happily ever after...

as retarded as that sounds...I. LOVED. THAT. DRAMA!
basically,our english class teacher wanted our class to do dramas for our aural test.
and we were split in groups of 4/5.
so...for the past month or so, the class has been somewhat "dramatic"
with script writing, props preparation, rehearsals and such...

today, was the 1st 3 groups.all was amazing.kinda intimidated now...lols
everyone's so secretive bout they're plays...not fun!
anyway...i'll update bout mine when i actually FINISH it =)
can't guarantee it'll be as good as Natasha's group tho~
but i love the part whr lim n emily do the evil sisters...
soooooo retarded yet sooooo freakin cool!
u go girlz =)

btw, my bro went on9 n checked some horscope stuff...guess what cancer was:

* an amazing kisser too much information -_-
* one of a kind oohh...i like =)
* is random and proud of it kinda la!
* worthy of love i don't mind xp
* seldom take action (but never piss them off) kinda scary...
* worth the wait who's waiting?
* worth keeping not in a bottle please..
* stubborn no denying it...
* constantly worried like duh~
* fun to be with when they are hyper can't agree more =)
* can't help falling in love POI:state your source teehee~

thats all for tonite then


Sunday, March 29

Hey y'all,
guess what?I'm not blind!
not literally la...just stating that i FINALLY got my monthly contacts =)
Thank god i don't need to wear my specs anymore...makes me look like an accountant (according to my couz -.-)

Funny stuff to share,
last wed during the last paper(seni) , our class amazingly finished in like...20min tops
Nothing to do with the fact that we're A class but cause we all tembak-ed... *mischievous grin*
tell you a secret *whispers* Rishalan & Qhabylen that gang were cheating...=)
the cheating part wasn't bad it was the WAY they cheated ! it was sooooo obvious! time when you cheat right, professional sikit la..
me and Alyson were at d corner giggling like idiots at their signals...
Qhabylen actually did the 'finger touch nose' move....aiyo~ original sikit la puh-leese haha...

Then on that same afternoon, poh kien came to my house to 'release tension n stress'
We did really important and hard stuff you know....we...we....LEPAK-ED!
The fun part was when it started raining...guess what us 2 morons did..
we opened an English dic and started searching for cool words, we found a perfect word =)(secret...hehehe)
though my second fav word was savoury...n she called me weird... -_-"

btw...debate comp is in 2 day..or a day and 71/2 hours....xp
anyway....wish us luck!


Friday, March 20

i'm a saint !

I'm a saint..! =)
not really la...just a way of saying

You see, that day me n d fam all went to prayers( qing ming)...
and it was so freaking hot, i swear that even if you went naked, you'd still be hot..
So we did our prayers, and there's a part where you go to the incinerator to burn stuff right, like fake cash and stuff ( the modernized way la)
so my dad n uncles were throwing stuff to burn when we heard like little cries...
it was so scary, we all thought there was like a spirit or something!
Then my "smart" brother peeped under the incinerator, guess what???
There were 3 puppies under there!
my dad took an umbrella( harsh right) to get them out, so me n my couz sis were like nurses running arnd getting food box n stuff...
omg...they were so cute! all new borns btw, but i forgot to take a pic...(regret)
and a lil girl was like " where's the mummy dog?"
And i mumbled like " on holiday".... seriously, wth was d mamma dog??
so...we fed d puppies, finished our prayers and left...
i kinda considered sneaking one of em into my bag, but takut later kena marah so...
wise choice i didn't =)

And exams...still 'studying' and failing miserably to do so...
My mind just keeps wandering off whenever i have a book in my hands... gosh...studying is so freaking hard!
Still have like 20 chaps of stuff to read...and only 3 days left..
WTH am i doing blogging now?!?!


Saturday, March 14

Makeup time...damn

hey lo !
so update time...lately...i have....
1) join da school debate team
2) gotten 2 new incredible (yet intimidating) sifu(s)
3) made a deal with my dearest daddy to get WHATEVER i want if i get at least 7A's *yes!*
4) gone overboard with curiosity lately
5)having hell week soon a.k.a exam...*dramatic music*

well, obviously lots have happened an as usual i was too lazy to blog bout it...
so i'll tell you whats been the most interesting so far...
joining the school debate team! But trust me, staying back almost everyday IS worst than it sounds...
But i'm lucky enough to have a great gang of debaters to hang with...
we won the 2nd round of zone level btw, go PBP! (its not a petrol station yea...) oh, i've been real positive lately, like REALLY hyper!
i have no freaking idea why, but it beats being gloomy and negative all d time like i used to be.
i've been 'see open already' translate to cantonese la,haha.... trying not to let little things get in my way.
After all... + = (: (positive equals happiness)
And guess what? i've been learning hokkien from my friends, gonna blow away everyone whn i turn into a multi-lingual gal =)

sate...haha what an INTERESTING word xp
okok chen....i'm updating d la...haha


Saturday, January 24

yohoo..i'm back!


1st: had a blog
2nd: deleted blog
3rd: had no blog
4th: under peer pressure to write so recreated a blog which i still have no idea what to fill
with but is willing to write(occasionally) under certain circumstances at certain days and certain times and certain situations.

Btw, i have no idea what the hell i just wrote up there.But it sounded pretty smart...right..?haha...
Anyway, i'm REwritting a blog...yay!( no promises) Gonna REtell stories...REsay quotes and REpeat my boring bear with me people.cause................

MISS MANDA IS BACK!! (actually i never left,but you get the drift..)