Friday, November 19


Jay Park
Jay Park Jay Park Jay Park Jay Park
Jay Park Jay Park Jay Park Jay Park Jay Park
Jay Park Jay Park Jay Park Jay Park Jay Park

omg. He is sooo freaking Hawt. With a capital H :D

I admit i was never a fan of Korea, let alone Koreans.
BUT i think i just found my sole source of K-pop interest X)

Okay..he's kinda no longer part of the 'korean craze' category what with all his leave from 2PM but STILL.
A hottie is a HOTTIE =)


Of awesome classes :)

4 Binggung.
I am sooo proud to be part of it :)

Last Week Pn.Cheeah( i don't even know if i'm spelling it right...) came into our class and started rambling on and on about....nothing.How random?
She said we should take this post-exam break to study. (is she serious?)
Exam finished a few days ago and she expected us to start studying AGAIN. like...c'mon. I couldn't even remember where i used to sit in took me 2 minutes to figure it out ==

This class is wonderful in every single way.Especially at Noise Pollution ;)
But hey,what's a class without their own drama?
Who else could piss off the principle,class teacher and discipline faculty all in the same day? XD


Don't know what's gonna happen in 2 months time, whether we'll stay together, BUT. I had a BLAST in this class, and it definitely made my 16th year in school priceless. :D

i love my class.period. ♥

Wednesday, November 17

Of photo editing :S

Well, i THINK i successfully edited a picture.

Thus, my creation! (cheh wah...bangganya....)

The start of a new obsession


Tuesday, November 16

Of A Day In IKEA :P

So,i bought these.
Which kinda sorta made my mom drive us all the way to Damansara == heh heh... lead us from The Curve to Ikano to IKEA :) That was where the most ridiculous things caught my eye, and thus the urge to blog about it. While my momma was searching for some kinda horrid bedsheet, me and my bro decided to discover the World of IKEA
he wished he had a smaller lower body X)

Don't make me whack you with my Flower Sword

I'm a Greek Goddess

A huge snowflake

If only my room had a set of these...

This would be soooo useful for a pillow fight!

This would save so much storage space =)

wanna play with me and my friends?

Wanna ride my horse??

Fancy a cup of tea?

Wash hands before cooking in small kitchens

''How do i use these things? They're freaking small!''

Sunday, November 14

Of Birthday Present Hunts ♥


Prezzie Hunt Sweet 16th of Celine Quek.

Well,basically it was just an excuse for us to run around the mall and splurge :D

We planned it almost last minute,skyping and baking for hours nights before (see,we're so magnanimous XD)
In the end this was the plan:

  1. Give her 16 clues to figure out.
  2. Each clue for a different shop.
  3. Each shop for a different gift.
  4. Run around IOI to search for all 16 shops.again.and again.and again.(repeat this sentence bout...400 times)
  5. See her beam each time she solves a clue (it's hard mind you)
  6. Give her an awesome sweet 16th

You'd wonder why it would take us so much hassle to plan this. Well, i don't know?
But we had to
  • pick shops
  • think of clues to fit for that shop (like sooo hard :( )
  • buy gifts from that shop (imagine 16...omg.broooooooke!)
  • buy her a total of a.Dessert b.lunch c.Starbucks
  • Make sure she doesn't turn around (cause apparently we were stalking her from behind taking loads of pics teehee~)

the 16 clues :)

Don't these look scrumptious?

we sneaked a Starbucks break while stalking XD

it was colddddd ;D

It was hilarious how me and Carr stalked her.
We were running and hiding behind pillars. Giggling. Squealing. Making total and utter fools or ourselves == (the stares from other people pretty much confirmed that)

Stalk pics XD

But we were quite amazed how fast she got the clues right,she was moving faster than we had
expected. Until.....the EASIEST question. She couldn't figure out the last clue (Sense Cafe) which left me and Carr 20 min to kill there. Thus destroying the beautiful cake box. was very messy =(

But when she arrived there was a lil bad news....the cream was FROZEN.yup.The cupcakes had hard cream == what an anti-climax thing!

Our Proud Creation!

told ya the cupcakes were frozen ==

All in all, it was an unforgettable day that i will never forget (pfft...that's what unforgettable means,i'm such a dungu)

sistaz =)
Next birthday,SAN's !! Boy we're gonna make it even more ridiculous =)

Carr's behind the camera!

Friday, November 12

Of Baking Birthday Cupcakes :D

well, yesterday San came over to bake cupcakes!
For miss.Celine Quek, a.k.a Birthday Girl!!

We started off great.So serious and focused, creaming the butter and the sugar.

Then, cheng cheng cheng. We realised we ran outta eggs. NO EGGS.
how the hell do you bake a cake with no eggs?!?
So San called for her sister to bring over 3 eggs from 3km away. And she DID!
So from intense baking, we ended up taking a jog down Puteri 8 to the guardhouse to collect 3 eggs. omg, do you know how stupid that sounds?
Imagine us looking like ah-Sou's walking by passing cars,holding 3 eggs.

And squatting on the road taking pics of these ==

In the end we got back to business and produce *ahem* very beautiful cupcakes (perasan overload XD)

Tell me,aren't you already drooling? ;)


Tuesday, November 9

Of outings! *dedicated to Yuki Chin*

I think it's high time i update.
It's been.....GAWSH. 5 months. *Yuki,yes yes yes...i know it's been loooong,i can count!*
Well.I have been low on brain juices lately, and exams kinda sucked every single mingle wiity litty bit of it left in my teeny tiny minuscule brain.heh.go figure =)

So...! without further update!*cheng cheng cheng*

Last Wednesday i went out with a bunch of my insanely smart friends and we :) it wasn't like awesome-ly crazy-ish like i hoped, but still it was a gathering of close friends that spent a wonderful day together (cheh... XD)

Gay boys are the IN thing right now =)

Looks like a China waitress no?
Who you wanna kiss sooo badly?!?

Pretty girls!(oh so undeniable)

It doesn't get any Gay-er than this =)
by the way:

{gay} adjective ( HAPPY )

  • happy [If a place is gay, it is bright and attractive]

so....i am NOT perverted =)

note to self: Couples are act reaaally funny when they go out in pairs ;)
note to self 2: Make sure Yu Chen doesn't stare blankly into space again.
note to self 3: Find Yu Chen a boyfriend!!