Thursday, December 16

The states...(Parte Una) :D


Am in a good mood to blog today (considering i've been back a week ago ==)

Anyhu..i went to.....*cheng cheng cheng*..........The States!
Went to the State of California...a.k.a The Golden State =)
So we basically went there for a guided tour and a pleasant stay with a family friend...(thank you Uncle Roy!) XD

Thus on the 22nd of Nov
we started our 1st day! (or the -1 day since US has a -15 time difference)

We arrived at KLIA at the break of dawn! arrived at 12pm ==
After checking in and 2 hours loitering around...we headed for the departure hall so pumped and excited.


Our flight of MH95 (see i still remember,it pissed me off) was DELAYED.for 4 freaking hours. So we bascially spent 7 1/2 hours at KLIA.doing nothing.
Oh,they did give us RM80 of Burger King coupons but,there is no human on the face of this earth that takes 7 hours to eat a burger.(and some fries...ooh...coke too...some onion rings...mmm...)

anyway MY POINT.
it was torture.
After the loooong wait,we finally reluctantly got onto the plane for the 16 hour agony agony agony flight =)

before we heard bout the life-changing delay:

after we heard of the life changing delay:

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