Friday, November 19

Of awesome classes :)

4 Binggung.
I am sooo proud to be part of it :)

Last Week Pn.Cheeah( i don't even know if i'm spelling it right...) came into our class and started rambling on and on about....nothing.How random?
She said we should take this post-exam break to study. (is she serious?)
Exam finished a few days ago and she expected us to start studying AGAIN. like...c'mon. I couldn't even remember where i used to sit in took me 2 minutes to figure it out ==

This class is wonderful in every single way.Especially at Noise Pollution ;)
But hey,what's a class without their own drama?
Who else could piss off the principle,class teacher and discipline faculty all in the same day? XD


Don't know what's gonna happen in 2 months time, whether we'll stay together, BUT. I had a BLAST in this class, and it definitely made my 16th year in school priceless. :D

i love my class.period. ♥

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