Tuesday, November 16

Of A Day In IKEA :P

So,i bought these.
Which kinda sorta made my mom drive us all the way to Damansara == heh heh... Anyway...it lead us from The Curve to Ikano to IKEA :) That was where the most ridiculous things caught my eye, and thus the urge to blog about it. While my momma was searching for some kinda horrid bedsheet, me and my bro decided to discover the World of IKEA
he wished he had a smaller lower body X)

Don't make me whack you with my Flower Sword

I'm a Greek Goddess

A huge snowflake

If only my room had a set of these...

This would be soooo useful for a pillow fight!

This would save so much storage space =)

wanna play with me and my friends?

Wanna ride my horse??

Fancy a cup of tea?

Wash hands before cooking in small kitchens

''How do i use these things? They're freaking small!''

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